bikefittingThere are several bike fitting systems on the market these days. Many use an array of complex external body measurements, lasers, computer algorithms, and bgfit1database driven averages to determine a proper bike fit, and we are asked from time to time about what sort of “body scanning” technology we employ or what body measurements we take. The simple answer is that the human body is a complex machine, and body measurements that are commonly taken by other fitting systems are impossible to measure accurately without an X-ray or MRI. While some of these systems can be useful in the hands of a trained bike fitter, they cannot replace a trained bike fitter. There isn’t a “bike fit machine” that can listen to your needs and goals as a cyclist, factor in rider flexibility, prior injury, age, balance, or skill level.

Bike Fitting vs. Bike Sizing – Know the difference!

These terms are often used interchangeably, even though they are two distinctly different services.  A bike sizing is similar to purchasing a suit “off the rack” and getting an inseam alteration, where a bike fitting is like having a suit custom tailored.  It’s important to know the difference between a sizing and a fitting, which we are happy to explain.

A Bicycle Sizing is selecting the proper size bicycle from a range and making adjustments to the saddle height and stem length to accommodate the rider. This is the service often referred to as a fitting, and it is generally performed free of charge or for a small fee. While this is an important service, it is not a bike fitting on its own.

A Bicycle Fitting is a professional service that is provided by a trained fit technician. Given the time it takes to do a proper bicycle fitting, they are usually performed by appointment only – this insures that you will have the fit technician’s undivided attention during the fit process.

A bicycle fitting starts with an interview between the fit technician and rider that addresses the rider’s injury history, needs and goals. Next, a flexibility evaluation is performed. This evaluation gains an accurate picture of the rider’s flexibility and other physical attributes, including assessment of foot structure, knee position, spinal curve, shoulder extension, hip flexion, and leg length, among others. The rider is then placed on a stationary trainer and is assessed from the side view using the BG DATA video capture software. The goal is to deliver a correct neutral position that’s both powerful and comfortable through adjustments to seat height, seat size, handlebar height, handlebar size, stem length and cleat position. The rider is then analyzed from the frontal view to optimize hip, knee and foot alignment for greater performance and balanced power delivery. Analysis of pedal stroke, cleat placement, and the rider’s squareness on the saddle are also evaluated.

We offer several sizing and fitting services. You will need to bring the following things for your sizing or fitting – your bike, cycling shorts, jersey or t-shirt, gloves, and cycling shoes (if applicable). With the exception of the Standard Bike sizing, all other fitting services are done by appointment only. To schedule a fitting, please call the shop at 870-910-5569.

Bike Sizing
This is our basic sizing service. We will put you and your bicycle on a stationary trainer and determine proper saddle height, stem length, and body position. Ifit2f you are using a clipless pedal system, we will determine proper fore and aft saddle position. The Standard Bike Sizing is included free of charge on all road bicycles purchased from Gearhead Cycle House. We offer this service to customers who have purchased their bike elsewhere for $50.00.

Standard Bike Fit
This service includes all of the elements of a Standard Bike Sizing. In addition, we will evaluate your cycling position from the side plane using the BG DATA video capture software. We will also evaluate your cleat position, and evaluate your feet for cycling specific footbeds. Please note that clipless pedals are required for a Basic Bike Fit and we offer this service by appointment only. The cost for a Basic Bike Fit is $125.00.

Pro Bike Fit
Our Pro bike Fit includes all of the elements of our Basic Bike Fit. In addition, we will perform a detailed rider interview, a flexibility evaluation, and analyze your position from the side and frontal planes with the BG FIT DATA video capture software. Please note that clipless pedals are required for a Pro Bike Fit and we offer this service by appointment only. A Pro Bike Fit usually takes 1-2 hours, so keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment. The cost for a Pro Bike Fit is $200.00.