Q. Do you sell used bikes?
A. Yes we do!  A used bike is an excellent way to get into cycling without blowing the budget.  Our used bike inventory is always changing, so your best bet is to come by the shop and see if we have something that is the right size, style, and color. We sell our used bikes for the trade in value plus any repairs, you will always get a great used bike at a fair price!

Q.  Can I trade my bike in on a newer model?
A.  Yes you can, as long as it meets the following criteria –

  1. It was originally purchased from Gearhead Cycle House or from another reputable bike shop (we do not accept trades on bikes purchased from department stores).
  2. It is in good mechanical condition.
  3. You are the original owner or you purchased it used from Gearhead Cycle House.
  4. It is not subject to any recall notices.The value of a used bike varies, and is based on condition, age, and marketability. We resell our used bikes for the trade-in value plus repairs, so you can rest assured you’re getting a fair price on your trade.

Q.  Do you buy used bikes from individuals?
A.  We do not. Our used bike inventory comes from bikes that are traded in to the shop. If you are looking to sell a used bike, your best bet is the local paper or an online bulletin board.

Q.  Are bike shop bikes really better than department store bikes?
A.  The answer is yes. First though, we want to make it clear that there is nothing wrong with riding or owning a department store bike – we’re not bike snobs, and we want everyone to ride no matter what bike they have!  It’s just not an “apples to apples” comparison to the bikes we sell.  Here are a few reasons why –

  1. Assembly – All of the bikes we sell are assembled by experienced bike mechanics, and then a quality control check is done by another mechanic before the bike ever gets to the sales floor.  Department store bikes are often sold unassembled, or they are assembled by an employee who has not had proper training in bicycle assembly.
  2. Quality of materials – All of the bikes we sell use aerospace grade aluminum, cromoly steel, or carbon fiber as a frame material.  The bikes found in department stores utilize low grade aluminum or mild steel for their frames.  That’s the reason our bikes are considerably lighter and stronger than the bikes found in department stores.
  3. Sizing – All of the bikes we sell are sized to fit YOU.  Virtually every model comes in at least three, and more often five, frame sizes (regardless of the size of the wheels).  Department store bikes come in one size, so if you don’t fit that template your bike will not fit properly.
  4. Service and Repair – All of the bikes we sell can be serviced by our shop and replacement parts are readily available.  Department stores do not repair bikes, and many of the components utilized in their construction are not available for aftermarket repair. The result is that a minor component failure can result in rendering the bike inoperable, or if replacement parts are available, the repair costs often exceed the value of the bike.
  5. Warranty – All of the bikes we sell offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, and a two year warranty on the components.  Department store bikes are sold as is.That’s just a few of the reasons that our bikes are better.  They are more expensive than department store bikes, but we would rather explain the price than apologize for the quality.

Q. Do any group rides leave from the shop?
A.  We do a group road ride from the shop every Saturday morning that leaves at 7:30am.  It consists of two 17 mile loops – the first loop is done at an easy pace (very beginner friendly), and the second loop is done at a faster pace.  The second loop generally splits into several groups, but the first loop everyone stays together.

Q.  Do you sell outdoor gear like tents, sleeping bags, and hiking accessories?
A.  We don’t sell outdoor gear in the bike shop, but we have an excellent outdoor store across the street!  Go to gearheadoutfitters.com and check them out!

Q.  Do you match prices from internet retailers?
A.  Always feel free to ask!  The answer isn’t always yes, but we will always do everything thing we can to get you the best price on your merchandise.  Perhaps a more important question is this – Can internet retailers match our service? Can you touch or try on your item before buying?  Can you have it immediately after your purchase?  Will they install your item?  Will they educate you about your item and answer any questions before your purchase?  Will they give you objective advice about which item will best suit your needs?  In the case of a bike, will they let you test ride it and make sure that it’s the proper size? Will they service your item if there are any issues?  Are they involved in our local community?  It’s important to remember that while price is important, there is more to a “great deal” than just the price.

Q.  What kind of bike should I buy?
A.  A great question that has many answers!  The best way to determine what kind of bike to buy is to make a realistic assessment on how you plan to use it.  If you’re looking to get into long distance road riding, a road bike will most likely be your best option.  Want to go off road?  Take a good look at a mountain bike.  Neighborhood rides?  Check out a comfort bike or a hybrid bike.  No matter how you want to ride, we will always help you find the bike that best suits your needs and your budget.

Q.  Do you special order items you don’t have in stock?
A.  If you’re looking for an item we don’t have in stock, let us know – we will be happy to get it for you, and there is never an extra charge for a special order.